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Founded in May 2020 by a dynamic mother-daughter team, Zhanelica seamlessly blends the worlds of art and cosmetics. Zhanel, the artistic force behind our meticulously crafted illustrations, collaborates harmoniously with her mother, Bota, who curates thoughtful and vibrant color stories. Each product we offer is a testament to this unique collaboration, resulting in a harmonious masterpiece.

Based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Zhanelica beckons you to embark on a journey where beauty transcends the ordinary and becomes an eloquent expression of art. Join us in exploring the intersection of creativity and cosmetics, where every product is a canvas for the imagination and a celebration of the artistic spirit.

Our Products

"Bella" Palette


"Leah" Palette


“Passion Fruit” Liquid Lipstick


Zero Smudge Blue Eyeliner


Zero Smudge Pink Eyeliner


Zero Smudge Black Eyeliner



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November 10th, 2023

Clean Formulas

Zhanelica caters to the discerning and conscious buyer, offering an unparalleled beauty experience.Our exclusive line of products features a pristine formula that is vegan,gluten-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. Elevate your beauty ritual with Zhanelica's unwavering dedication to uncompromising quality and conscious elegance,tailored for those who seek beauty with a purpose.

Our Mission

At Zhanelica, our mission is to seamlessly blend the realms of art and beauty, transcending conventional standards.

We aspire to curate a diverse range of cosmetic expressions, where every product is a canvas for artistic inspiration.

Our Vision

Our commitment lies in empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty through innovative and high-quality formulations,sculpted by the union of artistry and cosmetic expertise. Zhanelica: Where Art Meets Beauty, redefining the boundaries ofself-expression.



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Priscilla M.

Can we talk about Zhanelica's rhinestone lashes? Instant glam, no effort required

Kimmy S.

You need to grab it ASAP, it's, like, my new obsession!

Zara S.

Fantastic selection of quality stuff. Will be returning for more. 10/10

Cynthia M.

Zhanelica's lipstick is pure sophistication! Timeless color, luxurious feel – it's my daily elegance in a tube.


Eyeshadow is sooo pigmented and vegan. A DREAM

Olivia j.

Game changer! This eyeliner nails precision and lasts!

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